Corporate events
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The day or even days of fun may be a nice break from business and we believe that an event on a yacht can be the perfect choise to produce teamwork and to increase the loyalty with customers and partners.

Corporate events

White Yachting has the know-how and experience to organize any kind or size of event 
you can imagine. Our creativity and strong industry relationships make your event memorable for you and your guests.

A lot of modern companies realize nowadays that the corporate events are a realy big part of a company’s marketing, communication and public relations strategy. Corporate events are used by companies to retain and build loyalty with existing partners and customers, to create a good business climate. They also are used effectively to produce teamwork among employees.

Whether it's a weekend or a one week sailing holiday, White Yachting organizes a professional event for you and your guests so you can relax and have fun.

Teambuilding and training

White Yachting involves companies and their employees in a wonderful world of the perfect cooperation. Teambuilding and training on a yacht teach people to work together to achieve a mutual goal.

The employees learn during the active days on a yacht how to use a better communication, knowledge and trust to increase the efficiency by working together on a project.

Sailing yacht requires from a team responsibility, concentration, knowledge and skills, as well as coordinated teamwork. Because of this our coaches for teambuilding can successfully combine theory with practical assignments.

Corporate parties and celebrations

Corporate parties and celebrations are also a part of image of a company's brand. Whether it is a foundation day, a product launch, a dealers meet or New Year celebration, our team of talented event managers will provide a proper execution and coordination of your event from start to the finish.

White Yachting makes your best corporate party on a sailing or motor yacht, so that you can relax, celebrate and have fun with your guests without thinking of details.

Reward your employees

You cannot give to every of your employee a stake of your company. But you can give them a good feeling of belonging to your business. Recognition of your employees and rewarding for their efforts - that's the key for the increasing of the commitment and the best way to keep employees trying hard and working toward success.

Someone would think that rewarding employees means only big bonuses, but recognition can also come in another shape. Why not to send your key employees to go sailing and to celebrate the end of a long project or the successful year?

White Yachting offers companies to organize sailing and motor yacht trips for rewarding the best employees of the year.

Reward your customers and partners

We are sure that every company has its own best customers and partners, who show during the year the greatest results.

Companies all over the world are thinking of how to encourage their clients or partners and how to do it in a best way.

We would say: "Why not to reward your clients or partners with a yacht vacation? It will be definetly a new and innovative way of saying THANK YOU to them.

White Yachting team gives you ideas and organizes the unforgettable yacht trip for those you would like to reward.

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