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General Terms and Conditions

1. General Disclaimer

White Yachting ™ (operated by Damant e.K. Natalie Maier) is an online platform for yacht charter and other related services and products. White Yachting ™ is a trading brand of:

Damant e.K. Natalie Maier, Benzenbergstr. 15, 40219 Düsseldorf, Germany, Register court: District Court Dusseldorf, Registration number: HRA 21724, Tax office Dusseldorf, Sales Tax identification number: DE815309518, Telephone: +49 211 760 69 505, Fax: +49 211 760 69 510, Email:, Internet:,,

All references to "White Yachting ™", "website", "", "", "", "company", "we", "our", "us" or "WY" is a reference to Damant e.K. Natalie Maier and its owners and employees.

All references to "customers", "clients", "users", "visitors", "charterer", "passengers", "you", "your", is a reference to an individual or a legal entity who uses our website to look for information on yacht charter offers, other related services and products, and to process a reservation, to make an order, or to purchase services and products.

Please read this General Terms and Conditions (Agreement) carefully. If you agree to these Terms, simply continue to use our services. If you disagree with our General Terms and Conditions, please do not use our services. Using our services shall constitute consent to the General Terms and Conditions.

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We display on our website offers and services of some third parties, for example, insurance companies. We hereby declare that we are not an intermediary and not an acquisition agent of these insurance companies. We give you only our tipsters on such companies. By giving our tips we do not advise you on insurance products.

WY shall be not liable for any insurance product or other services, provided by insurance companies we give you as a tip. The user expressly agrees that the contacting of any insurance company, receiving of offers, purchase of their products and services are at the user’s sole risk. The same rule applies to the products and services of other third parties, which are also displayed on our website, such as booking of the hotels and flights.

Terms and Conditions for the corporate and private events as well as for other individual enquiries shall be described in separate offers.

Our Cookies Policy and Privacy Policy are an integral part of this Agreement.

The right to change or amend these General Terms and Conditions without prior notice is reserved by us. We encourage you to review these Terms and Conditions periodically to remain informed.

2. Booking of a Charter Boat or Yacht

2.1 Scope of services

White Yachting ™ provides through its websites an online platform for yacht charter. Through this online platform charter operators advertise their yachts and customers search for yachts and book them online or by contacting us.

White Yachting ™ acts as an intermediary between the customer and the charter operator. By making a booking through White Yachting ™, the customer enters into a direct contractual relationship with the charter operator. Every charter operator has his own regulations of all aspects related to the services and products he provides. We send the customer a confirmation Email for and on behalf of the charter operator. Once the booking will be 100% paid, you will receive a rental contract from the charter operator.

The charter operators are fully and at all times responsible for all information displayed on our websites, for its completeness, correctness and accuracy, including updating of the rates and availability.

The responsibility of White Yachting ™ is limited to establishing a contact between the charter operator and the customer. White Yachting ™, its employees shall be not liable for non-performance of the services that fall under the scope of the contract between the charter operator and the customer.

2.2 Booking

White Yachting ™ does not add any additional fees to the boat charter rate and does not charge the customers for its booking services. Your payments will be processed directly to the charter operator.

You can book a charter boat or yacht via our website at,, or by contacting us either by calling our telephone numbers or via messengers displayed on our website.

Before making your booking you have to make sure if you or other passengers, members of your crew/group will need any visas to travel abroad. Also you have to enquire if there are any recommendations for the inoculations. It is very important to inform us about medical or other issues and conditions, which may affect your or other passengers' travel by yacht.

By choosing the bareboat charter and making a booking, you declare and warrant, under your sole responsibility, that you and/or members of your crew are appropriately qualified and competent, possess all necessary documentation and capable to manage the boat under motor and/or sail.

Be aware that the minimum age for the unaccompanied passengers is 18 years on the date of departure. To travel by yacht alone all unaccompanied passengers under the age of 18 years must have a letter of consent from their parents or legal guardian.

Payments are to be made as follows:

  • Payment of the first 50% of the charter yacht price by processing the booking.
  • Payment of the second 50% at least 70 days prior to the commencement of the charter.
  • If the commencement of the charter is within 70 days after your booking, full payment is due by processing the booking.
  • Payments for the extras and deposit, which are not to be paid online, shall be done at the base.

Travel documents will be sent to you per Email in electronic form (.pdf). After receiving the Booking Conformation and Invoice, please check all details carefully. If anything is incorrect, please inform us immediately and make sure we got your message. Be aware that the names must exactly match those in the passengers' passports.

After the booking is processed, but not later then 50 days prior to commencement of the charter, you shall notify us about all traveling persons and send us your crew list. You can do it per Email or via our website. You shall make sure that we got your message. During the charter period the number of persons and names has to correspond to the crew list.

The sub-charter of your booking or relet the charter yacht to the third person without the prior written consent of White Yachting ™ and/or charter operator is not allowed.

You are not allowed to use a charter yacht for any purpose other than private cruising for yourself and your crew unless otherwise agreed in written form. If you are going to take part in regattas or yacht races, you shall notify us about it before booking. We will ask the charter operator for his consent and let you know if you can book the chosen yacht and on what conditions.

If you are going to take on board your pets, you shall ask for the written consent of White Yachting ™ and/or charter operator in case if it is not mentioned in the booking form.

You are not allowed to travel by yacht by unsafe weather conditions.

The charter operator is obligated to deliver to you a ready to go yacht, clean and with full fuel and water tanks as well as with all agreed equipment. He is to do it in scheduled time and base. In seldom cases it can happen that the charter operators are for any reason not able to provide the booked yacht at agreed time and base. For such cases every charter operator has his own terms. Most of them would provide other identical yacht, or even a better one. If the booked yacht is not provided within 48 hours, you could claim the reimbursement of the charter yacht price by the charter operator but be aware that any other claims for reimbursement would not be accepted.

By taking over you are obliged to check carefully the condition of the yacht and its equipment.

If the charter operator or its representative will not find that you are competent enough to operate the bareboat, they might not handover the boat to you. That is why, if you are new in yachting, we recommend you to refresh your knowledge and skills before chartering a bareboat.

Charter operators have the right to remove any member of your crew from a charter if that member violets any law, constitutes a danger to himself and/or others. In such cases the removed member is solely responsible for all expenses caused by his removing from the charter. The removed members of your crew will not receive any refund.

During the charter period you shall observe all regulations of customs, harbor or other authorities. You also will not take the yacht outside the cruising limits agreed with the charter operator.

During the charter period you are to pay the engine fuels and water; food and drinks; spark plugs, cooking gas, electric batteries, if needed; tolls, marina and/or buoy fees, if any; consumable materials required for proper operation and maintenance of the boat, unless otherwise agreed. Every charter operator has its own terms concerning this matter. You can learn them from the booking conformation and booking contract and/or terms and conditions of the charter operator.

In case of damages or incidents you are to notify, inter alia, the charter operator as soon as possible.

You are obliged to return the yacht without your crew and your personal stuff at agreed base/marina at least until the time specified by the charter operator. Therefore, we recommend you to return the yacht in the marina the night before your charter ends. In case if the returning of the yacht will be later than agreed, most of the charter operators will demand extra fees from you.

You assume the responsibility for the consequences of nonobservance of your obligations.

We strongly recommend that all of our customers consider the purchase of travel and/or yacht charter insurances to avoid the unforeseeable circumstances. More Information on some of those insurances you can find, for example, in Internet or here.

2.3 Changes

We reserve the right to make changes if they do become necessary.

If you ask us to change your existing booking, we will try to do it subject to availability. Your wishes about the changes are to be sent to us in written form per Email. You have to make sure that we got your message.

To correct an incorrect name is free of charge.

To change a crewmember, except the lead name, is up to 70 days to commencement of the charter is free of charge. Changes within 70 days to commencement of the charter will be charged with the administration fee of 50 Euro.

2.4 Cancelation

Cancelation is to be made in written form. You must make sure we receive your cancelation.

If for some reason you would like to cancel your booking with us, the following applies:

  • If you cancel and find a replacement for you to transfer him/her the rights and commitments and we and/or the charter operator previously agreed to it, the cancelation could be done free of charge. If you are not able to find a replacement for you or we do not agree with the replacement, then the cancelation is not free.
  • Cancelation within 24 hours of the booking is free.
  • More than 90 days to commencement of the charter will be charged with 350 Euro of the flat cancelation fee.
  • 89 to 69 days to commencement of the charter will be charged with 30 % of total charter yacht price.
  • 36-68 days to commencement of the charter will be charged with 50 % of total charter yacht price.
  • 0-35 days to commencement of the charter will be charged with 100 % of total charter yacht price.
  • Insurance premiums, amendment fees, services / orders / products of the third parties cannot be refunded.
  • In case of no shows/non-arrival all your payments are not refundable.
  • If the cancellation is made after 24 hours of the booking and due to objective reasons, like heavy injury or illness, the received payments will not be paid back in full. In this case we will try to move your booking to another dates if possible. We recommend all our customers to purchase travel cancelation insurance. For more information on insurance matters you can search in Internet or on our website.
  • By making any refunds, we reserve the right to deduct a sum of money of bank fees and exchange rate differences.

2.5 Complaints

All complaints are to be submitted in a written form within the period of 14 days. Otherwise, they shall not be taken into consideration.

2.6 Jurisdiction

Any dispute hereunder, which the Parties of this General Terms and Conditions have not been able to settle amicably, shall be decided in accordance to German Law.

The Court of jurisdiction is the court in Düsseldorf, Germany.